Desktop Publishing Course


Desktop Publishing Course is manly a process in which a document is created with the assistance of software about Page Layout.  It is one of the significant parts to achieve professionalism and expertise in digital marketing. Therefore, Global Web Service serves one of the best Desktop Publishing Course at highly discounted price range for their clients with top-notch features given below:

DTP Course Concept Details

  • Introduction To Desktop Publishing and Graphic
  • Uses and Benefits of Desktop Publishing Course
  • Units Introduction ( inch, mm, pixel, feet, point, cm etc)
  • Designing Tools Introduction
  • Color Introduction ( CMYK , RGB etc )
  • Introduction Publishing and Web Difference Work
  • Visiting Card Designing
  • Newspaper Advertisement Design
  • Layout Design
  • Book Cover and Magazine Design
  • Logo Design
  • Flex Board Design
  • Diagram and Graphs Designing
  • Hindi Typing Concept
  • Photo Editing Tools Introduction
  • Photo Editing Work
  • Photo Filter Effects
  • Photo Color Adjusting
  • Image Resolution Concept
  • Introduction about Publishing Work
  • Page Setting Layout Work
  • Publishing Tools Introduction
  • Publishing Work Size Introduction
  • Work on Book Publishing
  • Introduction Equation Editor
  • Working on Equation Editor
  • Convert to Equation into Publishing Connect


  1. Corel Draw
  2. Photoshop
  3. Pagemaker
  4. Hindi Typing

Career and Scope

  1. DTP Operator
  2. Publishing Work
  3. Graphic Designer
  4. Newspaper Advertisement Industry Jobs
  5. Freelance Working